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Runway Closure Info

Glacier Park International Airport Announces 2009 Closures for Rehabilitation of Primary Runway

Kalispell, Montana — The primary runway at Glacier Park International Airport will be closed for 12 days in August of 2009 for rehabilitation.

This schedule will allow for all weekend arrivals and departures after 9:00 A.M. on Fridays through 10:00 P.M. on Mondays August 2 – 27, 2009.

Construction on the project has been divided into 4 phases scaled to accommodate this schedule. Each phase will be completed within the days allotted to allow for full runway usage on the weekend schedule. The construction operations will run 24 hours a day during the closure periods.

“We have been asked why August and not May or September when there are fewer visitors to the area,” Cindi Martin, airport director said. “It is a matter of the 24-hour air temperature, the likelihood of rain fall, and FAA funding schedules. Laying asphalt requires air temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and rising, and it is best done when the ground is not wet. In our extensive studies of the weather patterns, the month of August is the best time with the highest likelihood of optimal conditions.”

During the time when the primary runway is closed small general aviation aircraft will be accommodated as much as possible on the crosswind runway. There should be no interruptions to Life Flight helicopter flights or other helicopter traffic during the planned closures.

Why do this at all? Martin says, “The airport’s primary runway is safe, but the surface needs to be rehabilitated now to keep it that way. It is routine maintenance, something that must be done every 18 – 20 years to maintain the integrity of the runway landing surface. We intend to get it done before there is reason to be concerned because safety is our top priority.”

Martin went on to say that while there is never a good time for interruptions of this kind, she is glad that they can give everyone a year to plan around the inconvenience, and still provide nearly full service Fridays through Mondays, which are among the highest arrival and departure days in the week.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Cindi Martin, Airport Director at 406-257-5994 ext: 222.

Download the schedule and phasing plan.



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